What a Week

Wow! Okay so this week was insane. I was so excited to be blogging everyday and thinking it was going to be a breeze to get to but here I am almost a week later with my 3rd post ever….I think I overestimated myself a bit.

Anyways…this week started with getting a new student. That in itself was stressful enough to get ready for. How would I help this poor girl learn everything about our classroom norms in a day when my students are still trying to learn them in December. It took me forever to “train” my kiddos into my expectations and into our daily routine. A colleague of mine told me to pair her with one of my star kiddos and have her be the teacher while I carry on with my day. This worked AMAZINGLY! The little girl I paired her with is probably the best student I’ve had in my short time of teaching so it was just the right fit. The first day of her in my room was smoother than I could have imagined. It was the next few days that were rough. I slowly learned that my sweet new little 3rd grader was quite the firecracker. She became friends with everyone in my room within the first two days and was not afraid to speak her mind or do what she wanted to do. The first few days I gave her small reminders on my expectations and tried not to be too on her because she was still learning about our classroom and myself. It wasn’t until I caught her on her iPad (our kiddos are 1-to-1 with iPads) searching photos of Twilight characters while she was supposed to be reading that I finally had a serious talk with her. It’s going to be an adjustment for awhile but I’m hoping that week 2 in our room will be much smoother for both of us.

On a brighter note my kindness month kick off was a huge success. We started Monday with them choosing a name of someone in the classroom and writing 2 things they liked about them. They were amazing at this and loved it. They were so proud of what they wrote about to each other. They also did an amazing job with our random act of kindness chain! Today, for example, they had to write a thank you note to a specialist teacher. They spent there free time writing not just one, but multiple notes to each of the specialist and hand delivered them. It made me so happy and proud to see. We also made our kindness lights. Their answers just amazed me (and honestly almost made me tear up!) It made me see how great this group of kids are and how, if you teach it to them and make it a big deal, they think about others instead of just themselves. They are more than capable!! For your enjoyment I attached 3 different responses my kiddos came up with.

3 thoughts on “What a Week

  1. I’m glad to hear things are going well with your kindness month. it is so important to show children the importance of looking at others and showing others kindness and respect. Getting a new student is tough, but make sure you don’t give her more freedom than the other kiddos get or you will have to start fixing more and more behaviors. She will figure out what you let slide and what you don’t when you stick to the norms of your class


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