Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Music

As I said in my last post, I LOVE Christmas and everything about it. I got this love from my mom and grandma. If it were up to them, Christmas season would start September 1st and that is when our Christmas music season begins.

Like myself, my mom is an elementary school teacher. About a week before school starts (which is always the day after Labor Day here) students and families come to meet the teacher and see the classroom (open house). As a tradition, during this day, my mom has Christmas music playing in the background. On top of that, as of September 1st, she has Christmas CD’s playing in her car 24/7 until the New  Year.

To me, there is nothing more peaceful and happy than Christmas music. Ironically, last weekend, my mom and I went to an orchestra Christmas concert put on by the beautiful and talented Lorie Line. Her Christmas piano music is the symbol of happiness and peace that is Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Music

  1. I love Christmas music, but I don’t think I could listen to it that long. Maybe if there was more variety I could. I usually start around Thanksgiving and go to New Years


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