Blogmas – Day 8 Gift Exchange

Ok so pretty short and sweet post here and lots of ways to take the topic of gift exchange at Christmas.

My immediate family is very small (only 4 of us) so we all get each other about 3ish gifts. My parents usually have more for my sister an I. For us, it’s more a time to bond together. A lot of our gifts are “gag gifts” so it’s a fun occasion.

A tradition my friends and I have is a secret Santa dice game gift exchange. We started it in high school. We each bring a gift that matches where we all are in our lives (this year I plan on buying coffee and wine for my gift because we’re all exhausted 23 year olds who like a good drink) and then we play the traditional dice game together. We’ve recently started to break out a few drinks along the way, so it gets a bit more exciting!

When I think of gift exchanging at Christmas I think more about wanting to make my friends and family feel loved rather than thinking about receiving gifts from them. I love picking out just the right thing for the special people in my life. I love using Etsy for this. I can spend hours searching for the perfect gift for just one person. I take pride in being able to find something meaningful and special for the ones I love.

Looking back, I feel like this was a very random post but I take the idea of gift exchange in many ways.

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