Friday Night = Wine Night

I posted early this morning but I need to again because today was yikes….reasons why I’m sitting alone on my couch on a Friday night watching HBO drinking an entire bottle of wine.

The kiddos came in early this morning with a calmer demeanor than they did yesterday. I thought it was going to be a relaxing (normal) day! Yeah right.

The morning went by pretty smoothly. My younger sister is off from college so she came in to help me grade all of my dreaded spelling tests and timed tests. My kids LOVED her so they were little angels. My class last year was so naughty that my sister came once and never again. I shared this with my kids and they were determined to be on their best behavior for her.

When she left though…..oh man….it was like all of the energy they kept at bay in the morning was released tenfold.

We use Seesaw in my classroom, which I love for communication and easy grading, but I’m always skeptical with the “fun” activities they have to offer. They get very excited and sometimes forget what their supposed to do. That happened today. I assigned them an activity where they had to redesign Santa’s sleigh (a STEM type of activity.) I knew this was a mistake the moment I told them to open their iPads.

On a normal day they would have handled it appropriately, but not today. I had kids running around the room, yelling at each other, going on other sites rather than Seesaw, and leaving the room at their own free will. Ummmmm what?

My expectations are pretty high and my kids would never have dared to behave like that but not the week before Christmas. All bets are off!

I had 2 boys who were “pantsing” each other in the hallway and a boy and girl getting into a physical fight in the middle of my room. This was followed by more yelling and running. I was terrified my principal would walk in and fire me on the spot they were so insane.

Oh. My. Goodness. I honestly do not know how I am going to make it through next week. I’m banking on a 5 day blizzard that is so bad it makes it impossible to make it to school.

A girl can hope right? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job but I am so tired and don’t know if I can handle this madness. Wine will get me through this! Right?


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