Blogmas – Day 10 Stocking Fillers

Very short post but I am too tired to think of more…

My family does stockings every year! Santa still comes to my parent’s house to fill a stocking for my sister and me. A tradition in our house is that Santa usually gives us both a handful of socks with a bunch of candy. We also end up with a few different gift cards for different coffee shops and usually one for Target. There’s always a running joke in my family that we end up with the exact same chapstick and traveling hand sanitizer every year. (We’ve left these in our stockings every year for the past 8 Christmases.)

Stockings are a big thing for Santa in our house. He never really leaves my sister and I any gifts he only fills our stockings. My parents always thought they were special because they would give us what we wanted instead of Santa. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A big tradition on my mom’s side is that my grandparents fill everyone in my family a stocking full of fun little gag gifts. Each of us has our own personalized stocking that they made for us when we were born. It’s always fun to see what little trinkets they fill them with every year. They love to travel, so throughout the year they will pick up little souvenirs to put in our annual Christmas stockings.

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