12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

Would you rather have to put up outdoor Christmas lights for all your neighbors or wrap all the holiday presents for extended family members?

This one is an obvious choice for me. I would so much rather wrap all the holiday presents for extended family members! I’ve never put Christmas lights outside so I think I would fail epically if I offered to put up all the lights for all of my neighbors.

I LOVE wrapping presents. I think it makes me sound crazy but there is something so relaxing about it. One of my favorite parts about buying gifts for people is the wrapping that comes after. I thoroughly enjoy making every gift look nice and embellished. Growing up, I know my mom despised the day she had to wrap all of our gifts. I never understood that because it gives me so much peace.

Another reason I would totally choose the gift wrapping over the light hanging is the fact that my extended family isn’t even that large so there wouldn’t be a whole lot of gifts to wrap. On my mom’s side, there is only 9 of us. That’s a piece of cake. We also are all adults so we don’t have a whole lot of gifts that we give to one another anymore. We are more into spending the day together rather than the presents. My dad’s side is a bit bigger. There are 12 cousins, 4 pairs of parents, my grandma, and 3 kids of cousins. Wrapping all of their gifts would probably take up the most amount of time, but again I wouldn’t mind. I would make the day of it. I would have Christmas movies playing all day long.

Growing up, my house never had lights on it. I love looking at Christmas lights but since I never watched my parents put them up, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Plus, staying outside all day to put up the lights would be freezing and miserable! (Remember, I’m a Minnesotan so being outside this time of year for long periods of time is not fun!)

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3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

  1. I love doing both. But being short I tend to direct putting up the holiday lights more than actually put them up. But, when I lived alone I did it. When I wrap gifts I always challenge myself to only use 3 pieces of tape per gift wrap… then I feel that I’ve properly wrapped it. With gift bags being more popular it makes wrapping easier too

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