12 Days of Christmas – Day 7

Would you rather meet Frosty or Santa?

Two of my favorite holiday characters, Frosty and Santa! Who doesn’t love these two classic magical characters? If I had to choose one to meet though, I think I would choose to meet Santa.

This is going to sound crazy but I’ve always had this weird idea that, like in some of those classic movies, Santa’s son would be on earth looking or a wife, he’d find me, and we’d become the new Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
😂😂😂 I know, I sound like I’m losing it but I’ve seen too many cheesy movies growing up that my imagination has definitely gotten the best of me.

I’ve also always loved the classic Santa Claus is coming to town and the Santa Claus movies! I think it’s fascinating to see the different interpretations of the same character. I would love to see what version I would meet. Frosty is a great character but there aren’t too many versions of Frosty. What you see in one movie is what you get in another. At least with Santa, you’ll be surprised by something.

Which is your Santa?? Tim Allen is mine!

Finally, I’d want to meet Santa just to prove that he’s real. We’re all little kids at heart and what kid doesn’t want the concrete proof that Santa exists?

Gymnastics Christmas party 2017 with my best friend playing Santa!

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