Gymnastics, Family, Yoga, and New Girl

Today is was a nice and relaxing day. It was the perfect Saturday after a full week back.

I started the day with a nice cup of coffee while lying on the couch. There’s nothing better than waking up and not having to do anything for awhile so you can just relax on the couch in your pajamas.

I then went to judge a gymnastics tournament. I LOVE gymnastics. I did gymnastics, I coach gymnastics, and I also judge. Some tournaments can be super long (and I was not really excited to spend my Saturday working) but the meet was only 2 hours long! I was in and out of the gym and it was still the afternoon. It was also a fun meet to work and watch.

The rest of the day was pretty great as well. I went to hang out with my family for a couple hours. I feel like I haven’t seen my family since Christmas since things have been so busy lately and I only live 15 minutes away from them! I love catching up with them and just spending time all together.

My yoga with Adrienne for the day was all about ease and serenity. It was a 30 minute meditation practice. It was all centered on the floor and was about mindfulness and taking things easy. After a long week of teaching, it’s just what I needed. I love finding my center and creating those positive vibes throughout my body.

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 6.07.57 PM.png

I then got some chores done around my apartment and now I’m ending the day watching some New Girl and drinking a glass of wine. Does anyone else love New Girl? Seriously, she is me to a tee. (I’ve always secretly wished I lived in an apartment with 3 guy roommates.)


I forget how much I love Saturdays when there’s nothing to worry about and no school work to get caught up on. Sorry this post was kind of random but it was such a nice day I needed to write about it.

We Survived Folks

Hallelujah! WE MADE IT!!

Not going to lie, this has been the LONGEST week of my entire life. I think part of it was knowing break was coming but the other part was my lack of patience for my class (which was definitely my fault!)

I knew going into today it was going to be rough. Yesterday, as normal as I tried to keep the day, my kids were still insane! I knew because of that, I had to be ready for whatever happened.

Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously people, they were off their rockers! They are usually such amazing kiddos but today….I don’t know.

We spent the first half of the day watching Santa Clause 3 (which they voted for), so I assumed this would be a great way to start the day. I made them hot chocolate and gave them a candy cane to go with it. The perfect recipe for a great morning. Right!?


Most of my class was enthralled with the movie the whole time, but I had a handful of boys who could not sit still. The irony of it, is these are the boys who wanted to watch the movie more than anyone else. I had 2 boys, in particular, who were standing on tables and trying to push each other off. WHAT!?

My timing was off, so by the time the movie was over we still had 45 minutes until lunch. By the time we cleaned up from the movie (which took FOREVER) we had about 30 minutes to kill. Yes it took us almost 15 minutes to clean the room and calm down.

I decided I would read them the Polar Express thinking this would calm them down more. A 5 minute read aloud took me 20 MINUTES!!! I kid you not!! They could not stop talking to save their life. It didn’t help that I was disrupted by 3 different adults during the story. It was the most painful read aloud I’ve done all year.

Then they went to recess and lunch. THANK GOD!!!

To help my spirits, we had an all school potluck for lunch in the lounge, so I was treated to a fantastic lunch of appetizers and deserts that were motivation enough to go back to class.

I then gave my kiddos their gift. This was my favorite part of the day because they were very grateful and kind about what I gave them.


I decided to use my Scholastic points to order a Christmas picture book for each of them. I bought 2 sets of 12 Christmas books to wrap for them, which meant I had a copy of each book. I randomly handed them out and had them unwrap their book and find their “partner” who had the same book. They LOVED this! It made the day so much better!

To end the day we had an all school teacher talent show for the kids. My team was probably the most unprepared of the rest of the teachers, so that was a little stressful. We didn’t have our “act” planned until 5 minutes before the show started. We were scheduled to go last, so we decided to do a Christmas sing along with the whole school. We thought it was going to BOMB because the other grade levels did AMAZING and hilarious acts, but the kids all loved what we did. It was a relief!

Sadly though, when the show was over, we still had 30 MINUTES LEFT OF THE DAY!!! Trying to calm them down from something like that on a normal day is difficult, but trying to calm them down from something like that right before Christmas break starts is IMPOSSIBLE!!! I was going to read a short Christmas read aloud to them but they were so rude and disrespectful. I had a student ask me to “hurry up and get the story over with” so they could leave. I almost lost my sh** on that kid. Like, are you freaking kidding me!?

After that, I was literally counting the minutes until the bell rang.

It eventually did and parted ways for the break and I don’t think I’ve been as happy as that in a long time.

I promise you I LOVE my class but this break couldn’t have come soon enough. I plan on spending the next week and a half sleeping, eating, watching Netflix, and doing as little as possible. I could say I won’t think about school, but I know that this time next week I’m going to be ready to go back because I miss my kids so much!

UGH!! Where’s my wine!?


Friday Night = Wine Night

I posted early this morning but I need to again because today was yikes….reasons why I’m sitting alone on my couch on a Friday night watching HBO drinking an entire bottle of wine.

The kiddos came in early this morning with a calmer demeanor than they did yesterday. I thought it was going to be a relaxing (normal) day! Yeah right.

The morning went by pretty smoothly. My younger sister is off from college so she came in to help me grade all of my dreaded spelling tests and timed tests. My kids LOVED her so they were little angels. My class last year was so naughty that my sister came once and never again. I shared this with my kids and they were determined to be on their best behavior for her.

When she left though…..oh man….it was like all of the energy they kept at bay in the morning was released tenfold.

We use Seesaw in my classroom, which I love for communication and easy grading, but I’m always skeptical with the “fun” activities they have to offer. They get very excited and sometimes forget what their supposed to do. That happened today. I assigned them an activity where they had to redesign Santa’s sleigh (a STEM type of activity.) I knew this was a mistake the moment I told them to open their iPads.

On a normal day they would have handled it appropriately, but not today. I had kids running around the room, yelling at each other, going on other sites rather than Seesaw, and leaving the room at their own free will. Ummmmm what?

My expectations are pretty high and my kids would never have dared to behave like that but not the week before Christmas. All bets are off!

I had 2 boys who were “pantsing” each other in the hallway and a boy and girl getting into a physical fight in the middle of my room. This was followed by more yelling and running. I was terrified my principal would walk in and fire me on the spot they were so insane.

Oh. My. Goodness. I honestly do not know how I am going to make it through next week. I’m banking on a 5 day blizzard that is so bad it makes it impossible to make it to school.

A girl can hope right?┬áDon’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job but I am so tired and don’t know if I can handle this madness. Wine will get me through this! Right?